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Leading Leaders

People rise to leadership in a variety of ways. It can be given to someone through a position they hold, can be expected because of expertise, or simply earned through personality. However the position of leadership itself does not measure the quality of leadership. I’m finding that position only gives a voice, it doesn’t form leadership.


The first step in growing leadership to fill the shoes of position is to listen carefully to the voice of those you lead. Everyone has a voice. They have skills, perspectives, and ideas. They carry expectations, dreams, and fears just like you do. In a sense we all have leadership even if we don’t have position. Through listening humbly to those you are leading respect will grow for their individual leadership strengths.

Listening carefully and selflessly to those following will also validate their leadership. Once leadership in others is validated then you can begin to empower them to increase in their skill and voice. You are a support to those you lead, not the reverse. You serve them; they don’t obey you.

Finally, decisiveness is key. Fundamentally you must know where you are heading and why. Once you know the vision, plan. Planning is key, vision without a plan dies in anarchy. Once your strategy is in place tailor the responsibilities of each person to fit what they love based on your time listening to them. Finally communicate simply and honestly. Include everyone as equals. The team is the most important piece leading toward your vision. Along the way continue to listen, take other’s advice humbly then implement decisively. The vision is greater than your pride.

Position is a place of listening, empowering, and decision. Be confident in those around you and they will secure your leadership.


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