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Movement – Vision and Relationship

Movements, at their core, consist of two things, vision and relationship.


Vision has an unparalleled ability to unify, motivate, and move many people; it organizes and directs the efforts of many hands and hearts to breathe life into a huge dream. A few key characteristics of a great vision are outlined here. Vision must be meaningful; personal value motivates believers. It must be simple. One central idea. That’s all. Vision must be flexible; it has to adapt to maximize the community of supporters. This doesn’t mean yielding to the whims of a crowd but strategically directing the efforts of the committed. Vision must last even as the movement grows and develops. Finally, vision must be inclusive, a place where all are equals (in value not necessarily responsibility). Everyone is in this together, the leader included.

Relationships are the fuel a movement; connecting people around a central goal is the single greatest role of the leader of a movement. Supporters must take precedence; they must be heard; they must be included. The commitment of every member is incredibly valuable; each one should know their value personally. It is the leader’s responsibility to be vulnerable, to be transparent, to be welcoming, to be accessible. It’s the leader’s job to develop ways of bringing people together and to be the first to connect.

These two, relationships and vision, must be done really well to make a movement lift off. When they do come together, big things happen.


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