My Adventure

Awareness and Asking

When we talk about the building blocks of relationship broad ideas like love and trust often come to mind. I’ve been looking for support traits that express these fundamentals of relationship. Here are two ways I’ve believe love and trust can become part of our relationships.


Awareness is an important part of being intentionally giving. Staying aware of the needs of those around you and practically meeting them is an amazing way expressing love that is easy to digest. Awareness is a discipline, it requires deliberate selflessness, consistent recollection and sacrificial followthrough to help someone in a pertinent way. This process brings you close to their need opening the door for validity in their life. Good, fulfilling relationships are built on the willingness to notice and meet each other’s needs even if it means inconvenience.

We open ourselves to others through the humility of asking. There are times we will all need help, from rides when our car breaks down, to care when we are too sick to stand, to encouragement when we are down. We go against our self-sufficient nature, and become vulnerable when we ask for help. As we take the posture of need we allow our friends to meet us in our weakness and gain our trust. It is important to note that asking is built on trust, not expectation; not everyone will be able to drop everything and run to our aid or have the right words to say. We can still trust those who are willing but unable to assist us.

We all find ourselves in need. As we help each other in their need we will begin to witness trust and love being more simply expressed.


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