My Adventure

Flexibility & Choices


We’ve all heard the more choices the better. However, I’ve found that increasing choices breeds indecision.

We know or at least we think we know what we want. We normally have a concept of what we want but lack specifics. We know we want to go out to eat but don’t have the slightest idea if we want Chinese or Italian.  This is why we need flexibility not choices. Flexibility provides structure and guidance to decision making. It does so by relating and guiding you to the specifics that will make your concept a reality. As we plan events and schedule hangouts lets create the flexibility we crave without the indecisiveness we fear. Be specific about what is happening and what the options are. Keep a tight, yet relatable, structure to the options. Know know who is coming and make it applicable to them. Restaurant choices and event decisions will be enticing and easy if we cut out choices in order to preserve flexibility.


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