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Incredible Story of Story Telling

Cory Richards is an incredible photographer and adventurer. Telling the story of suffering and triumph woven through a human story of fun and love is incredible.



I LOVE this. I guess I love anything that is high quality and has stood the test of time. Jack has.

The Brilliant Moment

Mountain Hardwear hit it on the head. Love this video. Its very true! Thanks guys

Worn Wear

Thanks Patagonia. Thanks for curbing my appetite for more and more gear. For making great products that people genuinely love. For me its my R1 fleece. I can’t get enough of that thing; I wear it everywhere. Well done, I’ll keep mine for a while.


The Call

Men camping

By: Earl H. Emmons

Did you ever have a longin’ to get out and buck the trail,
And to face the crashin’ lightnin’ and the thunder and the gale?
Not for no partic’lar reason but to give the world the laugh,
And to show the roarin’ elyments you still can stand the gaff.

Don’t you ever feel a yearnin’ just to try your luck again
Down the rippin’ plungin’ rapids with a bunch of reg’lar men?
Don’t you ever sorta hanker for a rough and risky trip,
Just to prove you’re still a livin’ and you haven’t lost your grip?

Can’t you hear the woods a-callin’ for to have another try
Sleepin’ out beneath the spruces with a roof of moonlit sky,
With the wind a sorta singin’ through the branches overhead
And your fire a gaily crackin’ and your pipe a-glowin’ red?

Don’t you often get to feelin’ sorta cramped and useless there,
Makin’ figgers and a-shinin’ your pants upon a chair?
Don’t you yearn to get acquainted once again with Life and God?
If you don’t, then Heaven help you, for you’re a dyin’ in yer pod.

Thank you Art of Manliness


Excellently done short. The emotion and depth convey an explorers quest both in life and the outdoors.

The Human Element of Glass Blowing


For its insightful look into glass blowing and forming Glas won the 1959 Oscar for best documentary. Its an excellent depiction of the intricacy and dedication to craft the glass blowers have.

Makers – Model Engineers

The Society of Model and Experimental Engineers has a legacy dating back to 1898. This group of dedicated creators has built a home of creative genius that lives on generation after generation. Core77 has put together a fantastic compilation of the 4 videos Anne Hollowday has shot to shed light into the lives of the creators.

The Perspective the Mountains Give

A little over 50 years ago Jim Whittaker became the first American to conquer Everest. Now, a half century later he sheds light on how he thinks and what it means to have a life well lived.

Lessons from the Mountains


I love these lessons that Avery Stonich learned while climbing a couloir. Her insight describes what climbing is to a lot of us.

Here are the main lessons from her experience.

Lesson #1: You have to deal with what the mountain gives you.

Lesson #2: Be prepared to not achieve your objective. But don’t give up too soon.

Lesson #3: It’s mind over matter in the mountains.

Lesson #4: It’s really hard to pee on the side of a steep slope wearing a harness—with guys around.

Lesson #5: Mountains bring you into the moment.

Lesson #6: When the going gets tough, your soul starts to sing.

Lesson #7: The thrill of accomplishment makes it all worthwhile.

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