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Fred Beckey – Legend

Fred, yep he’s legendary. This piece on him is incredible. His grit even at his age is incredible. Another story of standing the test of time.



I LOVE this. I guess I love anything that is high quality and has stood the test of time. Jack has.

The Human Element of Glass Blowing


For its insightful look into glass blowing and forming Glas won the 1959 Oscar for best documentary. Its an excellent depiction of the intricacy and dedication to craft the glass blowers have.

Makers – Model Engineers

The Society of Model and Experimental Engineers has a legacy dating back to 1898. This group of dedicated creators has built a home of creative genius that lives on generation after generation. Core77 has put together a fantastic compilation of the 4 videos Anne Hollowday has shot to shed light into the lives of the creators.

How to stop Self-Sabotaging


99u pressed a great article on how to “get out of your head and into action”. I have a tendency to be very hard on myself by relentlessly hanging onto dreams of where I could be and neglecting how far I’ve come. Here are some ways I have found useful to moving forward both at and away from my workplace.

  • Take ownership, and stop the blame game
  • Acknowledge avoidance and focus on moving forward
  • Chunk your tasks into smaller steps
  • Enlist cheerleaders
  • De-prioritize results and acknowledge progress

Shoemaker for Life

Frank Catalfumo has been repairing shoes in Brooklyn since 1945. Here is a piece on this fantastic man and his shoe repairs.

Adventure Film

I love this film on beauty, adventure, and life. It captures innovation, longing, adventure in a well done clip.

Benefits rocking the quick morning workout


I started a routine of doing a few pushups in the morning to kick off my day. I stuck with it for a while but, like many morning activities, I drifted from daily working the chest and tri’s. This article has reignited my desire to wake up a few minutes earlier and work out.

Check it out.

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