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The Questions We Ask

Love this reframing of adventure. Its not just going and exploring. It’s embracing the unknown.


Incredible Story of Story Telling

Cory Richards is an incredible photographer and adventurer. Telling the story of suffering and triumph woven through a human story of fun and love is incredible.

Fred Beckey – Legend

Fred, yep he’s legendary. This piece on him is incredible. His grit even at his age is incredible. Another story of standing the test of time.

How Long is your Toothbrush?

Preparation for adventures is often half the battle (and fun). I love the dedication to meticulous planing and preparation of The Scott Expedition. Keep it up guys!

Road Bike Party 2

This is downright incredible. I’m speechless after watching Martyn Ashton dominate on a road bike.

The Brilliant Moment

Mountain Hardwear hit it on the head. Love this video. Its very true! Thanks guys

Worn Wear

Thanks Patagonia. Thanks for curbing my appetite for more and more gear. For making great products that people genuinely love. For me its my R1 fleece. I can’t get enough of that thing; I wear it everywhere. Well done, I’ll keep mine for a while.


DownSide Up

Loving these guys who push it to the edge in a laid back yet passionate way. More power to ya

Spirits of Ásgarðr

This compelling story of hardship, loss and reward inspires me to continue dreaming about the mountains. To get out there and climb. Its worth the struggle.


Excellently done short. The emotion and depth convey an explorers quest both in life and the outdoors.

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