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How Long is your Toothbrush?

Preparation for adventures is often half the battle (and fun). I love the dedication to meticulous planing and preparation of The Scott Expedition. Keep it up guys!


Coffee Saving Motorcyclist

This champ saves a coffee cup from certain doom. His skills driving and holding with a right hand is incredible!

Survival Hunting Tool


Creek Stewart, a seasoned survival¬†instructor, shows how to build a spear for fishing or other small game hunting. Check it out! (I’ll use it in a pinch)

Oreo Separators – Gotta get that cookie

I personally like the cookie but here are two great ways to separate an Oreo!

Can you Poop your Pants?


During conversations referencing frightening or startling things I’ve often said, “I would poop my pants if…” Well, come to find out my claims might not be as outlandish as I had thought. The adventure-journal ran a great article on the topic. Check it out!

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