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Incredible Story of Story Telling

Cory Richards is an incredible photographer and adventurer. Telling the story of suffering and triumph woven through a human story of fun and love is incredible.


Fred Beckey – Legend

Fred, yep he’s legendary. This piece on him is incredible. His grit even at his age is incredible. Another story of standing the test of time.

Ueli Steck – The Legend

This guy is crazy. He’s a Machine! His precision and commitment to training is unparalleled.

The Brilliant Moment

Mountain Hardwear hit it on the head. Love this video. Its very true! Thanks guys

DownSide Up

Loving these guys who push it to the edge in a laid back yet passionate way. More power to ya

Tentmate’s feelings: Important?


Another great chart from The Adventure Journal.


TGR Trailer: Its almost here!

Teton Gravity Research just released its trailer for their new film coming out this fall. Anyone is welcome to come see it with me!

Spirits of Ásgarðr

This compelling story of hardship, loss and reward inspires me to continue dreaming about the mountains. To get out there and climb. Its worth the struggle.

Flying Frenchmen

Director Sébastien Montaz-Rosset paired with Tancrede and Julien two high flying dare-devils to produce a heart pounding string of stunts climaxing in a free highline accross a stunning norwegian fjord. Take a look!

The Perspective the Mountains Give

A little over 50 years ago Jim Whittaker became the first American to conquer Everest. Now, a half century later he sheds light on how he thinks and what it means to have a life well lived.

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