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How Long is your Toothbrush?

Preparation for adventures is often half the battle (and fun). I love the dedication to meticulous planing and preparation of The Scott Expedition. Keep it up guys!


Coffee Saving Motorcyclist

This champ saves a coffee cup from certain doom. His skills driving and holding with a right hand is incredible!

Snow Rescue on a Whole New Level


This concept for a snowmobile rescue vehicle could change the face of mountainside evacuations if it makes it to production.

Bike Spike

GPS technology just got a new function of combating theft for cyclists everywhere. Watch out bike thieves!

Bear Attack Defense


A few years back I was preparing for a trip to the AT in Vermont and heard there was a significant bear population there. I kept thinking about what I would do if a bear decided to attack. I kept rehearsing my defense moves in my head to the point where one night I had a dream about a bear attack. I turned and fought the charging bear, but I was too clumsy and it took me out. So instinctively I rewound my dream and tried a few more times until I finally defeated the bear subduing its wrath. Sometimes bear defense takes practice. But for those who actually want to know some good techniques of bear defense the AOM did a great entry on it.

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