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Fred Beckey – Legend

Fred, yep he’s legendary. This piece on him is incredible. His grit even at his age is incredible. Another story of standing the test of time.


DownSide Up

Loving these guys who push it to the edge in a laid back yet passionate way. More power to ya

Spirits of Ásgarðr

This compelling story of hardship, loss and reward inspires me to continue dreaming about the mountains. To get out there and climb. Its worth the struggle.

Lessons from the Mountains


I love these lessons that Avery Stonich learned while climbing a couloir. Her insight describes what climbing is to a lot of us.

Here are the main lessons from her experience.

Lesson #1: You have to deal with what the mountain gives you.

Lesson #2: Be prepared to not achieve your objective. But don’t give up too soon.

Lesson #3: It’s mind over matter in the mountains.

Lesson #4: It’s really hard to pee on the side of a steep slope wearing a harness—with guys around.

Lesson #5: Mountains bring you into the moment.

Lesson #6: When the going gets tough, your soul starts to sing.

Lesson #7: The thrill of accomplishment makes it all worthwhile.

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