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I LOVE this. I guess I love anything that is high quality and has stood the test of time. Jack has.



Excellently done short. The emotion and depth convey an explorers quest both in life and the outdoors.

Living on a Bike

I’ve wondered what it would look like to live on my bike. Well, here is my answer! Thanks Guillaume Blanchet!

Intention: The Art of Giving and Receiving Love

Giving and receiving love is the foundation of every relationship but how love is transferred varies vastly among those we are close to. The 5 Love Languages discusses how people produce and metabolize love, but there is also a subtle layer of intention that supports the economy of love.

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Intention in Giving

Intention is most obviously displayed from a perspective of giving. Initiating conversation, spending time together, or giving gifts requires intentionally picking up the phone, driving to their house, or buying the item. These acts, however, don’t just materialize without purpose; intentionality is birthed from a motivated desire to build a closer relationship with someone. Then, just as intention grows from desire so actions sprout from intention. Loving actions are most effective when they are done in a way most valuable to them (not you). Thoughtful doing fulfills the intention; love is completed by action.

Intention in Receiving

Intention is not only important in giving but also from in receiving. When someone calls, comes over, or gives a gift it also takes intention to receive and participate. There are times that the person maybe interrupting something you are doing or the gift may not be quite what you wanted but receiving these acts of love graciously can still lead to a stronger relationship.  Being intentional about receiving love is as important as intentionally giving. It takes both to form a relationship, and they both take work.

I know for me I have much to learn in how to be intentional in giving and receiving love. I am hoping to be more practical in how I love people. Meeting them how they need it and where they are.

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