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Ueli Steck – The Legend

This guy is crazy. He’s a Machine! His precision and commitment to training is unparalleled.


The Brilliant Moment

Mountain Hardwear hit it on the head. Love this video. Its very true! Thanks guys

Tentmate’s feelings: Important?


Another great chart from The Adventure Journal.


TGR Trailer: Its almost here!

Teton Gravity Research just released its trailer for their new film coming out this fall. Anyone is welcome to come see it with me!

The Perspective the Mountains Give

A little over 50 years ago Jim Whittaker became the first American to conquer Everest. Now, a half century later he sheds light on how he thinks and what it means to have a life well lived.

Lessons from the Mountains


I love these lessons that Avery Stonich learned while climbing a couloir. Her insight describes what climbing is to a lot of us.

Here are the main lessons from her experience.

Lesson #1: You have to deal with what the mountain gives you.

Lesson #2: Be prepared to not achieve your objective. But don’t give up too soon.

Lesson #3: It’s mind over matter in the mountains.

Lesson #4: It’s really hard to pee on the side of a steep slope wearing a harness—with guys around.

Lesson #5: Mountains bring you into the moment.

Lesson #6: When the going gets tough, your soul starts to sing.

Lesson #7: The thrill of accomplishment makes it all worthwhile.

Minimalistic Mounts

ImageI love all of the art from Geometry Daily. Especially this piece!

How High Can Mountains Be?

Minute Earth gives the low down on the height of mountains. Are there limits to how tall a mountain can be? Better watch and find out!

Mountain Range Pillow


Straight awesome!

Crazy Swiss Mountain Climber

Ueli Steck reaches peaks so fast that his next goal is to chain multiple peaks into a single day using a Paraglider. This crazy Swiss is a cutting edge adventurer.

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